Mincom LinkOne allows equipment manufactures and assemblers to rapidly create comprehensive and easy to use electronic manuals that compliment their equipment.

Mincom LinkOne provides an electronic documentation solution - it uses the latest technology to link any documentation associated with a piece of equipment to provide a full solution for:

  • All parts information
  • Configuration and model options
  • Service and technical documentation

All information on your products, complete with updates, warnings and safety bulletins, is located in a single place - allowing graphical navigation from the highest level down to the smallest individual part or assembly.

Once published, Mincom LinkOne books are available to end users and operators via the internet or CD/DVD without the need to republish.

Mincom LinkOne handles multiple languages (including double byte) and incorporates a vast variety of content including:

  • CAD drawings
  • Parts lists
  • Documents
  • Text
  • Multimedia
  • Scanned images
  • Graphics
  • And more...

Click here to visit the Mincom (developer of the LinkOne software) website.

For more information on LinkOne Publishing in NSW, please contact BHK Drafting Services, Wollongong, Illawarra