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Mincom LinkOne

Mincom LinkOne software is used to create graphical catalogues that helps users to quickly and easily find the right part, the first time, every time. Mincom LinkOne is a world leader in graphical content creation, distribution and access. Mincom LinkOne has the power to link graphics with parts lists and text and therefore making it easier to produce extremely efficient and highly useable electronic catalogues.

Mincom LinkOne's publishing, distribution, and viewing structure makes all forms of electronic parts and service information available at the touch of a button, either via the internet, intranet, or CD/DVD.

This will assist our customers in the areas of:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Material Management

Mincom LinkOne's flexibility comes from:

Regular Updates

With Mincom LinkOne your dealers / operators can regularly check for content updates via the internet in order to maintain the latest information at all times.


Mincom LinkOne links drawings/images with up-to-date manufacturer information, design modifications, safety advice and warnings as required within documentation.


You can include current pricing and availability in your solution and monitor your equipment live, thanks to Mincom LinkOne's new flexible plug-in framework. LinkOne Version 5 allows you to add your own components to LinkOne, and they behave in unison with LinkOne standard functionality.

Publish Once, View Anywhere

The contents generated by Mincom LinkOne need only be published once but can be utilized either via the browser interface - Mincom LinkOne WebView, or with the PC application Mincom LinkOne WinView - allowing maximum reuse of the published content.

Mincom LinkOne has no language barriers

Mincom LinkOne is converse in many languages… English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and many others and has partners worldwide who can provide local support. LinkOne Version 5 is distributed in 12 languages as standard, making it suitable for a multi-national business.

Click here to visit the Mincom (developer of the LinkOne software) website.

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